Hi, I'm Alisa

(pronounced Ah-Lee-Sah)

Alyssa   Alicia

a Vietnamese, French, &

German UX / UI Designer

raised in Honolulu, HI,

and living in Houston, TX.


You can view some of my work here...


My Design Process

Creates a Seamless Design Experience

Intentional Design Backed by Research

I begin a project by identifying the problem, and finding out the product or business requirements from stakeholders. Using information from my survey and competitive analysis, I begin to develop user flows, wireframes and prototypes, to form creative design solutions. To ensure a great and seamless user experience, I test the usability of my design by creating a functional prototype.

Beautiful and Unique Solutions

I begin to create a brand's story, focussing on how a customer should feel and what they should see, when interacting with the brand. Brainstorming, I create a mind map to visualize ideas and thoughts of the product. To show my ideas of a brand's development, I draw sketches to share with stakeholders. Establishing the brand's hierarchy and guidelines, I create a visual design system that applies to the logo, typography, button states, sizes and colors. To ensure success, I develop the brand's story with the customer at its core.

"Alisa is an extraordinary young woman. As her UX / UI Design Mentor, I have seen her develop herself to become a confident, talented UX / UI Designer. She is always eager to learn and very receptive to feedback. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for a motivated Designer that has both outstanding UX & UI Design skills covering the whole range from user stories to prototyping & UI Design Solutions. Plus a solid understanding about front-end development."

Mike Dekker

Senior UX / UI & Product Designer
Sunshine Coast Australia

"Alisa shows real strength in her ability to follow client guidelines while producing mockups that catch the user's eye. She takes charge in each page she designs, making user interactions feel simple and thorough. She puts the users first and incorporates her knack for design and photography across her work. Alisa is a team player who strives in problem solving and taking charge."

Kevin Smith

Front End Developer at Endurance International
Houston, TX

"Alisa is a very talented designer with a great eye for visual design and a solid understanding of UX processes and methodologies.Her strong discipline and passion for design would be a great asset to any organization. It was truly a pleasure to have worked with her."

Michael davila

Senior UX / UI Designer at ExxonMobil
Houston, TX

"I was impressed with Alisa's eye for design and her willingness to gather the feedback of others to further refine her work. I appreciated the simple surveys that she would make to gauge our feedback on the variations of a design she was working on. She demonstrated that she had a real interest in gaining some insight into what users would enjoy and find useful, rather than only creating something that looked pleasing to her. This is a quality that all great designers should have."

Phuc Dinh

Android Developer
Houston, TX

"Alisa is a creative and innovative UX/UI Designer. All of Alisa's work is well thought out and her designs are aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. Alisa is a wonderful team member, she gets along well with everyone and brings a creative presence to the work place. I highly recommend Alisa to anyone who needs a gifted UX/UI Designer."

Martin Ballard

Project Lead / Full Stack Developer at FanReact
Houston, TX

"Alisa is a dedicated individual who is a consistent performer. I believe Alisa to be a valued member for her team. She has a solid understanding of the UX practices and has an excellent eye for visual design. She was a delight to work with every day. Alisa will make a great asset to any company."

Charity Jantzen

Senior User Experience Designer at ExxonMobil
Houston, TX

"Alisa is a great designer that demonstrates the importance of conducting research, usability tests, and creating prototypes to discover the user's needs. Her design process shows her motivation to create beautiful and intuitive designs that are user-centered. I highly recommend Alisa to anyone looking for a dedicated and talented designer."

Laurent Nocca

Front End Developer
Houston, TX

"Alisa is a fastidious and dedicated worker. She is thorough in her research and deliberate in her questions. She thrives in collaborative environments, and she is incredibly fit to design within teams."

David Stagg

Design Director at FanReact
Houston, TX
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