Alisa Matthews Photography

Brand Identity and Redesign

Alisa Matthews Photography is a website which showcases my photography work consisting of landscape/nature, portraits, fashion, and lifestyle/family photos. Photography is more of a passion and hobby for me, rather than a profession, so the main purpose of this site is to display my work in a beautiful and inspiring way. View the redesign of my photography site here:


Responsive Web App & Redesign


UX Design, UI Design, Brand Identity

Tools & Softwares

Sketch, Webflow, Photoshop, Lightroom, Google Suite

The Problem

Alisa Matthews Photography has no brand identity. The site is also using a template on Weebly, which is very limiting for design, and can often be non-responsive when viewing photos.

The Solution


Create a logo, color palette, and select typography which will give Alisa Matthews Photography a unique and attractive appearance, and help to make a memorable experience while viewing photos on the website.

2. Responsive Design

Design the site so that it's responsive and allows users to view photos on mobile devices.


I began brainstorming, and drew a mind map to create a visual relationship between the ideas and thoughts that came to mind with photography. Giving it some thought, I decided that I wanted to use my name as the name of the site (rather than an abstract name) so that viewers would know who's work they're viewing.


I conducted a survey to help decide which logo would be best for Alisa Matthews Photography. During my research, I discovered that the word photography comes from the Greek roots meaning light and the representation by means of lines and drawings, together meaning "drawings with light". Using the "drawings with light" idea, I created some abstract logos. Keeping the logo simple, I also tried different variations using my initials.

Based on my survey, a logo with my initials turned out to be the best, showing a modern, attractive, and unique branding to my site. In fact, I ended up liking the logo with my initials so much, that I eventually decided to use it for all my personal websites, including this one ;)

SWOT Analysis

Next I conducted a SWOT Analysis on 3 photography sites:,,
Based on my SWOT analysis, I decided to focus on the following opportunities:
-Design an attractive landing page with photos that pulls viewers in for more
-Use grays or complimentary background colors , not bright colors, to display photos
-Make sure viewers know what they're viewing, and know who you are on the homepage
-Don't make the site "text heavy", keep all content simple and quick to read
-Photos should automatically appear on each page...viewers should not have to search for them
-Create an "about" section with a photo that gives viewers an idea of who's work they're viewing
-Maisonry layouts look best for photography work, versus slideshows or lightrooms

Wireframes & Mockups

Using Sketch, I created low-fidelity & high-fidelity wireframes and then designed mockups
Some examples shown below:

Final Design

I designed my photo galleries using a maisonry layout, which allows the viewer to see the full (un-cropped) photo before clicking on them. Users can also view the photo full screen in a lightroom, without having to go back and click on photos individually. These final designs can be viewed on my photography site:


Photos look best with either white or dark (black/gray) backgrounds. I chose a light gray background for my photos with the maisonry display, and a dark gray background for photos viewed in lightroom.
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