Food Trek

iOS Mobile App Design

Food trucks have evolved into more than trucks with just hot dogs & fries. In the U.S. alone, food trucks are a $1.2 billion industry, and are often considered as hip or chic. With the growing popularity of food trucks, the need to easily and quickly locate them also grows.


iOS Mobile App Design


UX Design, UI Design, Brand Identity

Tools & Softwares

Sketch, Photoshop, Principle, Invision, Marvel, Usability Hub,, Google Suite


The numbers and popularity of food trucks are growing... We need an app that can find food trucks and allow users to order and pay for food using a cell phone.



Design a way for users to locate food trucks on a map,
as well as search for food trucks by entering a city/zip code.


Create a quick and efficient way for users to order and pay for food using their cell phones.


I began brainstorming, and drew a mind map to create a visual relationship between the ideas and thoughts that came to mind with food trucks. Visiting a food truck is a fun & enjoyable experience. I felt it necessary to give my app a feel of fun & adventure, as well as a global feel of the ethnic foods which many food trucks nowadays offer. With these thoughts, I named my app "Food Trek".


To help determine the features of my app, I conducted a survey on avid food truckers.
Based on my survey, users wanted the following features in a food truck app:
-Locate food trucks
-Order & pay for food
-Rate food trucks
-View food truck schedules
-View menus with photos
-See food truck reviews
-Ability to change quantity of items ordered
-Search for food trucks by cuisine type
71.9% of the responses said it would be convenient to find food trucks and pay for food using a mobile app
71.9% preferred to be able to order and pay for food ahead of time, using their phone or mobile device


I selected a few people from my survey to do interviews with, and created personas to keep me on track with designing the site based on my user's needs.

SWOT Analysis

Next I conducted a SWOT Analysis on 3 food truck finder apps:
StreetFoodFinder, Roaming Hunger, and Streetfood Quest
Based on my SWOT analysis, I decided to focus on the following opportunities:
-Allow users to order & pay for food using a cell phone
-Use picture menus with descriptions of items & prices
-Show truck reviews & allow users to rate/write reviews

User Flows

I created user flows with the MVP's from my user stories, to keep my workflow organized:


I created usability tests, to test the navigation of my Food Trek app designs. After the first few tests, I realized some iterations needed to be made. Since I was designing an iOS app, I took out the nav panel I originally had and added a navigation bar at the bottom, where the user can easily view the map, see a list of nearby trucks, search by cuisine, view/edit their profiles, and add/edit stored credit cards. With these changes, users were able to easily accomplish goals for performing different tasks on the Food Trek app.

Wireframes & Mockups

Using Sketch, I created low-fidelity wireframes and then designed mockups
Some examples shown below:


Users can locate nearby food trucks on a map, or search by entering a city or zipcode. A food truck list & searching by cuisine type are also easily accessible from the navigation bar.


Screens show food truck details & schedules with CTA's to menus and reviews. Menu screen shows photos & descriptions, with the ability to change item quantity. Ordering food is fun & easy!


I used Principle to create an animated prototype:


Food Trek has a fun & adventurous vibe to it. I also wanted to give it a global & ethnic feel, which matches the cuisine of modern food trucks. Examples of some of my sketches in creating the logo shown below, as well as icons I created for Food Trek:
*Disclaimer: Food trucks written about in this product showcase & the Food Trek app are of actual food trucks in Houston, TX. Source of photos, truck schedules, and menu items via Google search.
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