Front Row

Sports Media Web Application

Game Day Films is a sports media technology company specializing in providing high quality game film and photography for amateur sporting events. They're passionate about sports and dedicated to capturing all the little moments which change an athlete's life, but needed a way to efficiently allow their users to edit, create, and purchase highlight clips of their game footage. I was assigned to work on the Front Row, an application powered by Game Day Films, as a one-stop solution for creating, downloading, and sharing high quality game film.


Game Day Films


Responsive Web App Design


UX Research & Design, UI Design

Tools & Softwares

Sketch, Invision, Axure, Usability Hub, Lightroom

The Problem

Coaches using the Front Row need to be able to create teams, add players to their roster, add game schedules, and create annotations on game footage. Users also need a way to access, create, edit, download, and share highlight clips of game footage.



Design a simple and efficient way for coaches to create teams and add players to their roster. Coaches send team invitations to the athletes/parents, and are able to check on the invite status, and resend if needed.



Focussing on the Front Row's three main types of users (coaches, athletes, and parents), I developed personas to help me create user-centered designs for the Front Row.

SWOT Analysis

To better understand Front Row's competition, I conducted a SWOT Analysis on 2 of their main competitors:
Hudl and Krossover
Based on my SWOT analysis, I decided to focus on the following opportunities:
-Create a simple and intuitive site navigation
-Come up with attractive design solutions
-Design an efficient way for coaches to view and share scout footage
-Create simple, but useful ways of adding players and games to team pages
-Make filtering game clips simple
-Design solutions for users to create, edit, purchase, download, and share game highlights

User Flows

User flows help to keep my workflow organized and on track. I used Axure to create user flows focussing on Front Row's 3 types of users (coaches, athletes, and parents):


Having a quick and smooth checkout process is very important in order to gain and retain customers. When it came time to design the Front Row's checkout process, I researched a variety of eCommerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Etsy, Restoration Hardware,... and created several different layouts for the checkout process. I then conducted quick preference tests on these designs, to see what user's needs and expectations were for purchasing items online.

Wireframes & Mockups

I drew sketches of early wireframes and made many iterations before moving forward and using Sketch to create mockups.

Some examples shown below:


Much of my work for the Front Row was focussed on creating seamless design solutions for coaches to create and edit teams and game schedules. Had I more time to work on this project, I would have given more attention to making a separate function for coaches to "manage their teams" and created clear marketing visuals showing all users from the sign up/sign in, the function of (creating, editing, purchasing, and downloading) highlight clips.
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