Landing Page for a Mobile App

For my product showcase project, I designed a landing page for Food Trek - a mobile app I designed to find food trucks. The goals of my product showcase page is to quickly show users what the Food Trek app is about & to ultimately convince them to download the app.


Product Showcase Page


UX Design, UI Design

Tools & Softwares

Sketch, Photoshop, Google Suite


I conducted a quick survey to find out what ultimately makes a user click on the download button for an app. Based on my survey, users felt the following were most important when determining if they would click on the download button for an app:

Using the results from my survey, I aimed to design a one-page product showcase site using attractive visuals that would clearly show potential users what the Food Trek app is about, as well as showoff the many features of the app.


Using Sketch, I created a wireframe for my product showcase page:


As I began working on my mockup, I made some changes. One of the changes,
was to move the features section higher up on the page, so that potential users
would quickly see the features the app has to offer:


I wanted the page to be attractive and fun for potential users. Rather than just having a bunch of text on the page, I decided to incorporate Food Trek's logo into the reviews section along with a CTA button to get the app:

Another change I made was to add a social media (instagram) section. This way,
potential users can see a customer's experience, as they post their check-ins
to food trucks using the Food Trek app.



I used the same color palette and typography I'd chosen for my Food Trek app:
Disclaimer: Food trucks written about in this product showcase & the Food Trek app are of actual food trucks in Houston, TX. Source of photos, truck schedules, and menu items via Google search.
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